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"The number and breadth of board choices available to me was enormous."

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BoardAssist makes it easy for people to give back.

Many New Yorkers want to serve the nonprofit community in a board capacity but need advice on how to access what they perceive to be a clubby, closed world.  For others the challenge is researching and evaluating potential board opportunities generally, and specifically screening out boards that just want their financial, as opposed to intellectual capital.  BoardAssist does all of this for our candidates and more, all at no cost to our board candidates as we are a nonprofit ourselves.

Our goal is to find you a board where you can truly engage your mind, and not just your wallet.

Fundraising is an important part of board service, but we believe that should never be the primary role of any board member.  We are very proud of the fact that over 90% of our board placements typically serve as leaders on the boards where we place them within twelve months of being placed.  They are not just being valued as ATM machines.  That is important to our candidates and to us.

We pull out the board details that you have told us matter most to you.

In addition to board finance, we talk extensively with our nonprofit clients about their mission, budget, staff, and board composition, as well as mundane but important details such as when their board meets, how often, at what time of day and where.  At BoardAssist, there are no surprises once on a board.

We work closely with you every step of the way, making it easy to pick the perfect board for you.

With so many nonprofits competing for our candidates, it is hard for potential trustees to make an intelligent choice as to which board is the strongest fit for them.  Once we help you select a few boards to explore, we then introduce you to these nonprofits, and stay in constant touch as you meet the nonprofits on your short list.  At the end, the best part for us is helping you decide which of the nonprofit board offers you have received to accept.  Read more at How our Board Matching Process works.

Watch our new video showing how simple it is to find and choose the perfect board with BoardAssist.

Ready to join a board? We’re here to help and the services we provide to our candidates are completely free of charge. Tell us more about yourself on our Candidate Application. Not quite sure you are ready to jump in?  Learn more about what people do on nonprofit boards and what factors you should be carefully considering befo joining a board in our book Giving Back.

Why join a board at all? How might board service help your career?  What’s the difference between volunteering and serving on a board? Why would a nonprofit board want you?  Answers to all these questions and more can be found at Why Join a Nonprofit Board?