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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services
helping underserved youth become self sufficient

Add to Your Board

BoardAssist is the best friend a nonprofit leader could have.

BoardAssist is an essential tool for nonprofit leaders who often lack the time, resources or contacts to develop their boards. They know how much value strong board members can add to their organization but may not have the ability to find truly effective board candidates on their own. That’s why these nonprofits turn to BoardAssist.  As a nonprofit ourselves, BoardAssist can relate.

We actively advocate for you, sharing your many impressive accomplishments with the very best potential board members.

BoardAssist clients come to us because they want more than just general board development advice or a forum for passively posting an open board position online.  They need someone to actively identify and recruit high impact potential leaders for their boards; someone who understands and believes in their work, and can tell their story passionately to the very best potential trustees, with as much enthusiasm as they would themselves. 

We understand how busy you are.

BoardAssist understands our clients have limited time. We listen carefully to what our clients need and want, and then initiate a search for candidates that meet these parameters. When a candidate is submitted to a client, it is rare the candidate is not asked to move forward. BoardAssist prides itself on its ability to predict strong fits. Nonprofit leaders should not have to spend time screening marginal candidates. They need BoardAssist to get it right the first time, and that is just what BoardAssist does.

We deliver results, outstanding leaders who support you in the important work you are doing.

Once on board, BoardAssist placements are excellent fits who deliver, quickly becoming active, integral members of the boards they join. Over 90% of our placements become leaders on the boards where we place them within twelve months of joining their board, with our average placement generating over $100,000 for the board they join.

Our 24 years of focused board matching experience makes all the difference.

Board recruiting is all that we do.  This focus allows us to really excel at our work.  The likelihood of achieving a strong, long term board fit goes up exponentially when you have 20 plus years of experience on your side.  We all know how disappointing and potentially disruptive a bad board fit can be.

BoardAssist placements have generated over $225M in cash for the boards they have joined.

We measure carefully how our placements perform once on your team and stay in contact with our placements and nonprofit clients after any match.  24 years of metrics show clearly that our matches are producing real results, engaged board members who are delivering the time, talent and treasure we all value, as well as diverse new voices at the board table.


Wondering where to start with the important task of adding selectively to your board?  Read our Top Ten Questions to Ask when Choosing a Board Recruiting Service.