"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
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VIDEO: Just How Easy is it to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board for You?

Watch BoardAssist’s recent nationally televised interview discussing just how easy it can be to find the perfect nonprofit board. Described as New York’s leading nonprofit board matching service, BoardAssist’s services are recognized as an absolutely vital tool for New Yorkers …

Top Ten Tips for Finding a Perfect Nonprofit Board

You asked.  We listened.  We hope you find our Top Ten Tips for Finding a Perfect Nonprofit Board useful.  For more on finding that perfect fit, download our free book, Giving Back, complete with case studies and answers to

Nonprofit Board Best Practices – Lessons From the 2020 BoardAssist Board Summit

We learned a lot at the recent BoardAssist Nonprofit Board Summit on how to be an outstanding board member.  Our amazing panelists, some of New York’s most prominent nonprofit and corporate board members, had lots of practical and actionable

Four Great Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board

Why should you consider filling one of the 1.8 million nonprofit board seats that open up in the US every year? Most candidates come to us with an answer to this question before we even ask. We hear, “My wife

Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board

As the Executive Director of BoardAssist, I receive a steady stream of inquiries and referrals from job coaches nearly every day.  Why? Because it’s their job to help you find yours, and nonprofit board service gives you an edge.  

You don’t need a trust fund or Roman numeral at the end of your name to serve on a nonprofit board

Surprising, but true.  You don’t need a trust fund or Roman numeral at the end of your name to serve on a nonprofit board.  Yes, most nonprofit boards do require an annual financial commitment from their board members, but in

How Much Money do People Really Give on Nonprofit Boards? Read BoardAssist’s 2018 Annual Report on Nonprofit Giving for all the Answers

How much money do people really give on nonprofit boards? We know you want to know! That’s why BoardAssist compiles this data every year from the hundreds of nonprofits we serve and shares it with the nonprofit community.  Nonprofit leaders,

FAQs Summary – Our Most Read FAQ Posts

BoardAssist started a blog series recently pulling out from our book Giving Back the most frequently asked questions we receive from board candidates every year. Curious which FAQ posts were the most widely read?  We’ve culled the favorites from the

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How do I manage or avoid the awkward “how much money can you give” conversation?

Have you been led to believe that serving on a nonprofit board is just about writing checks and asking your friends for money? We hope we can address this concern in our new blog series on the most frequently asked

What to think about Before Joining a Board – Watch our 30 minute Video

Congratulations! You have made it this far.  You’ve decided you are ready to commit to joining a nonprofit board and you have found your way to BoardAssist, New York’s leading personalized nonprofit board matching service.  What comes next?

If you …