"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
helping individuals and families in need


VIDEO: Just How Easy is it to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board for You?

Watch BoardAssist’s recent nationally televised interview discussing just how easy it can be to find the perfect nonprofit board. Described as New York’s leading nonprofit board matching service, BoardAssist’s services are recognized as an absolutely vital tool for New Yorkers …

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How do I find the Right Board Culture for me?

What’s one of the biggest reasons we hear regarding why board service did not work out for someone?  A bad cultural fit with the rest of the board.  Board service should be personally meaningful to you – but it should

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: Established or Start Up – What’s best for ME?

You’ve made the decision to join a nonprofit board and be an agent of change in the nonprofit community.  Now what?  What should you be thinking about as you consider all the different terrific boards that might want you on

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: Timing is Everything

Generous New Yorkers interested in joining a nonprofit board reach out to us daily about giving more back to our community – and one of the biggest questions they have is about the time commitment that board service will require.  

10 Things I Learned While Serving on a Young Professionals Board

Are you a busy millennial who don’t think you have time to serve on a nonprofit junior board? Anshita Khandewal and Sarah Eades, from BoardAssist’s Young Professionals Board, disagree – and in this week’s guest post they have done a

FAQs Summary – Our Most Read FAQ Posts

BoardAssist started a blog series recently pulling out from our book Giving Back the most frequently asked questions we receive from board candidates every year. Curious which FAQ posts were the most widely read?  We’ve culled the favorites from the

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How do I manage or avoid the awkward “how much money can you give” conversation?

Have you been led to believe that serving on a nonprofit board is just about writing checks and asking your friends for money? We hope we can address this concern in our new blog series on the most frequently asked

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How does the board matching process work? How long does it take?

Ready to join a board but worried that the process of finding the right one may be be a major project taking a lot of your time?  We hope we can address this concern in our new blog series on

Use Nonprofit Financials as a Strategic Decision-Making Tool

Philanthropic New Yorkers come to BoardAssist every day looking to join a board where they can play a meaningful role – and “be the change” they want to see in the world. As guest blogger Paul Konigstein has discussed in

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: Does it matter that I’ve never served on a nonprofit board before?

Have you been following our new blog series on the most frequently asked questions we hear from candidates considering joining a nonprofit board?  All the answers have always be available in our book Giving Back, downloadable from the top

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