"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
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VIDEO: Just How Easy is it to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board for You?

Watch BoardAssist’s recent nationally televised interview discussing just how easy it can be to find the perfect nonprofit board. Described as New York’s leading nonprofit board matching service, BoardAssist’s services are recognized as an absolutely vital tool for New Yorkers …

3 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to be More Energy Efficient

As New York’s leading personalized board matching service, BoardAssist is approached daily by New Yorkers who want to join a board where they can be a real agent of change.  Once on board, our placements often ask “what more can

25 Ways Your Board May be Failing

We love checklists and we know our readers do too!  For a great check list on evaluating your board, we reached out to Chicago governance pro, Tom Okarma, for this week’s guest blog. Hope you find it as useful as

26 Practices of High Performing Boards

We agree with fundraising guru Gail Perry:  it’s not unusual for boards to get stuck in one way or another.  When boards do get stuck, they often turn to Gail for help.  This week’s guest post has some of Gail’s

Seven Nonprofit Finance Tips to Keep Your Board Out of Trouble

You’ve just joined a nonprofit board and are ready to get started making an impact.  Terrific!  One of the most impactful things you may accomplish as a board member is helping your nonprofit with their finances.  Nonprofit finance pro Paul

Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board

As the Executive Director of BoardAssist, I receive a steady stream of inquiries and referrals from job coaches nearly every day.  Why? Because it’s their job to help you find yours, and nonprofit board service gives you an edge.  

Five Great Ways to Get Your New Board Members on Board

Struggling with how to engage the fabulous new board members that your nonprofit has recently recruited?  Here with all the answers in this week’s guest blog post is Randy Hawthorne from Nonprofit Hub.  Thanks for the tips, Randy!

Five Great

How Much Money do People Really Give on Nonprofit Boards? Read BoardAssist’s 2018 Annual Report on Nonprofit Giving for all the Answers

How much money do people really give on nonprofit boards? We know you want to know! That’s why BoardAssist compiles this data every year from the hundreds of nonprofits we serve and shares it with the nonprofit community.  Nonprofit leaders,

Preparing Your Nonprofit Board for a Fundraising Campaign

One of the many ways that BoardAssist placements make an impact on the boards they join is by spearheading the fundraising campaign of the nonprofit boards they join.  Many folks who approach BoardAssist worry that all they will do on

What’s the BEST way to Give your Time and Talent to the Nonprofit Community this holiday season?

Tis the season for giving back.  Whether you are feeling particularly thankful because of Thanksgiving, December holidays, or thinking forward to New Year’s resolutions, we know this is the time of year when generous New Yorkers are very much focused

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