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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
helping individuals and families in need

FAQs Summary – Our Most Read FAQ Posts

BoardAssist started a blog series recently pulling out from our book Giving Back the most frequently asked questions we receive from board candidates every year. Curious which FAQ posts were the most widely read?  We’ve culled the favorites from the series and put them all in this post. Hope they can help as you start thinking about board service for yourself.  

FAQs Summary – Our Most Read FAQ Posts

Click each link below for the answers to our readers’ most frequently asked questions every year.


Why would a nonprofit board want ME as a board member? What do I have to offer?


How does the board matching process work? How long does it take?


Does it matter that I’ve never served on a nonprofit board before?


How much of my TIME will I have to give?


How do I manage or avoid the awkward “how much money can you give” conversation?


Volunteering vs. Serving on a Nonprofit Board vs. Donating – what nonprofit role is best for me?


How might board service help my career?  


Want to read more of the FAQs folks ask us before joining a nonprofit board?  Learn more by downloading Giving Back, our guide to nonprofit board service, complete with case studies and answers to the FAQs we are asked most about board service.

Ready to dive in and start exploring the perfect board for you?  Tell us more about what matters most to you – what your dream board looks like – and we’ll get started.