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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

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FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How does the board matching process work? How long does it take?

Ready to join a board but worried that the process of finding the right one may be be a major project taking a lot of your time?  We hope we can address this concern in our new blog series on the most frequently asked questions we hear from candidates considering joining a nonprofit board.  All the answers have always be available in our book Giving Back, downloadable from the top of every page of our website.  But many of our candidates don’t have the time to read our whole booklet on what to think about before joining a board.   So we’re pulling out the most frequently asked questions about board service from Giving Back and sharing them with you.  Hope you find the series helpful.

FAQs about Joining a Nonprofit Board: How does the board matching process work?  How long does it take?

From Giving Back:

When you explore joining a nonprofit board with BoardAssist, it takes, on average, two months to be matched.  BoardAssist will guide you every step of the way – leaving the final decision to you.

First, we help you identify the type of board member you want to be – this includes looking at your interests, your schedule, availability, goals and even your level of financial contribution.  A complete description of the criteria you will use is found in Giving Back.

Based on your choices, BoardAssist will review the positions available with hundreds of our client nonprofit boards to identify two or three that represent the best fit for you.   The next step includes interviews at two or three of the nonprofits with their Executive Director, Board Chair and Nominating Chair.  Depending on availability and timing, this will likely take place over two meetings with each board.  Invitations to join the boards usually follow.  Then the hard work begins.  The theoretical becomes real and you will have to choose which board offer to accept.  BoardAssist will work closely with you to determine which offer is best for you.  To give you a clear idea of what you need to consider go to Section II of Giving Back – Finding The Right Fit.


Want to read more of the FAQs folks ask us before joining a nonprofit board?  Learn more by downloading Giving Back, our guide to nonprofit board service, complete with case studies and answers to the FAQs we are asked most about board service.

Ready to dive in and start exploring the perfect board for you?  Tell us more about what matters most to you – what your dream board looks like – and we’ll get started.