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Candidate Testimonials

I was quite skeptical about board service and how substantive my role would be on a nonprofit board before BoardAssist. I didn’t want to sit on a board where I just went to a lot of parties and wrote checks. Having played an active role for three years on the board where BoardAssist placed me, I see clearly with the right board fit, you really can make a difference. BoardAssist worked closely with me to help me sort through all the many choices that were available to me.  Their advice on how to evaluate which board was best for me was invaluable!  The fact that they stayed involved throughout the whole board selection process was very important to me.  I don’t see how I could have picked the right board without BoardAssist’s help.

BoardAssist truly valued the intellectual capital I had to give to a board. They promised I wouldn’t need to have a “trust fund or a Roman numeral at the end of my name,” to serve on a nonprofit board, and they were right.

The number and breadth of board choices available to me was enormous. BoardAssist found out all the details on time and financial commitment on the boards in which I was interested so that I could focus in on boards that made the most sense for me. It helped a lot that they were able to give me strong details on exactly who sat on each of these boards as well. While many boards list their board members by name on their website, BoardAssist was able to give me color as to who these people were beyond their names.

As an investment banker, time constraints make even doing the research to find an appropriate non-profit board seem like an insurmountable obstacle. BoardAssist takes away that excuse for not getting involved and puts all the relevant information for making wise choices at your fingertips.

BoardAssist does everything they can to make the board matching process as easy as possible for their candidates from start to finish.  I appreciated the thorough research they had done, and the advice they gave me, as well as the volume and breadth of BoardAssist board seats they offered me.

BoardAssist was very concerned with the practicalities of serving on a board.  I work downtown.  Could I really be at monthly 9 a.m. board meetings in the Bronx?  Would it work for me to serve on a board where I was the only person who was not an educator or doctor, or would that be difficult for me? Would I enjoy serving on a board where everyone worked in the arts community as an actor, writer or producer?  How about serving on a board where I could network professionally?

BoardAssist spent a lot of time researching the board’s role at every nonprofit they presented to me before suggesting it.  What did board members do other than raise money?  What did trustees need to give annually?  What were they expected to raise from friends?  They got a comprehensive expected financial commitment number from each nonprofit they discussed with me which was extremely helpful.