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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
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Six of our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2018

What were the blog posts that were most popular on the BoardAssist blog in 2018? Thanks to Google Analytics, its easy for us identify which ones resonated most with our followers.  As the best advice we offered in 2018 is certainly just as timely as we head to 2019, we thought it would be a great idea to share some of the most popular 2018 posts with you now!

1.  Not sure if you are ready to join a board quite yet?  Confused about the difference between serving on a board, being a generous donor or just volunteering. Read Volunteering vs. Serving on a Nonprofit Board vs. Donating – What Nonprofit Role is Best for You? for all the answers!

2.  You’ve heard from a million friends and mentors that joining a nonprofit board is great for the career.  But why exactly is that true?  Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board explains our thinking as to why all your friends and mentors are exactly right.

3.  Four Great Reasons to Join a Nonprofit Board.  Sure, joining a board can be a terrific career move.  But what are some of the other reasons folks come to BoardAssist for a nonprofit board seat?

4.  How to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board Matching Service  We wrote this blog in 2014, but in 2017 it remained one of the 5 most widely read blogs we published.  Ready to think about joining a nonprofit board and not sure where to begin?  We hope this post will help show you the way.  Top Ten Tips for Finding a Perfect Nonprofit Board also remained extremely popular.

5.  Finally, our post Just How Easy is it to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board for You? shows you in just two minutes how easy joining a nonprofit board through BoardAssist can be. Watch BoardAssist’s recent nationally televised interview below for more on diving in and finding your dream board.