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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

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How to Find the Perfect Nonprofit Board Matching Service

At BoardAssist we work with 100s of nonprofits serving locally, nationally and internationally to find high impact agents of change for our clients’ boards.  If you are interested in giving back through board service, and don’t know what questions to ask to find a board matching partner for your needs, we hope this post will help you as you think about choosing a board matching service. 

Here’s our list of Top Ten Questions to ask of any matching service:

1.  Does the service offer boards serving locally, nationally and internationally?  Or just locally?  Does that matter to you?
2. Does the service offer boards serving in a wide variety of interest areas?  In other words, are they focused on youth-oriented boards alone, or do their nonprofit clients serve consumers of all ages.  Are they focused on education alone, and you’d prefer a board in the arts or working on environmental reform or microfinance?  Do they only service organizations that are well-established or will they work with start-ups as well?
3. How many board choices do they offer?  BoardAssist offers hundreds.  How many organizations do they support?  Do they let you interview with more than one board at a time, to give you a basis of comparison?  Often services that only match with nonprofits they fund, limit you to interviewing with one board at a time.    Find out.
4. Does the service pull out from their clients exactly how much money is expected annually from board members?  Is it a total number that includes everything you must personally give, as well as what you are expected to raise from friends, benefit ticket sales, journal ads, etc?
5. Does the service charge candidates a fee for their assistance?
6. Is there someone at the service who will personally match you with the right board, not just invite you to a board fair, or provide you with a list of nonprofits to peruse on your own?
7. Does the service stay involved throughout the matching process, to answer questions and keep the interview process on track?
8. Does the service track their metrics to understand if the matches they effect are ones that are working long term?  Do their placements tend to stay on boards where they are placed at least 3 years?
9. Does the service screen out boards that just want your money, and are not really going to value your intellectual capital.  (At BoardAssist, with 93% of our candidates serving as leaders on the boards where we place them, within 12 months of being placed, we can feel confident our placements are truly engaging.)
10. Is board matching the primary product this service offers or just an ancillary product? 

For a full list of all the things to consider before joining a nonprofit, we encourage you to download our book Giving Back, for free, from our website.

Serving on a nonprofit board can be incredibly rewarding if you find the perfect board, where you can truly engage and make a difference.  If you are interested in serving on a board that meets in the New York area, please let us know so we can find you that ideal fit for you.