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Thirteen of Our Favorite Blog Posts of 2013

Thanks to all the amazing bloggers who shared their terrific advice with us in 2013 on how we can be better board members, better nonprofit leaders…and in some cases, just better people.

Thirteen of our favorites from the many we loved reading in 2013:

1. New to social media like we were this year?  Always helpful Beth Kanter was there to give us the basics at The Best Times To Post To Social Media: Introducing the Burrito Principle.

2. Nonprofit Technology Network taught us and our followers a million things this year. Engage, Inform, Recruit: How Nonprofits Can Use Social Media to Recruit Donors and Volunteers was just one of the very useful articles they shared.

3. Need to convince your board of the benefits of a major image face lift?  Big Duck’s blog on the benefits of a re-do was a fantastic read.  How can you explain the benefits of a fresh brand to a traditionalist board?

4. We gave you a bonus on this one and snuck in ten articles from one of the bloggers who taught the most to our boards this year, Nonprofit Hub’s 10 Brain Tickling Nonprofit Articles (and Thinkers) You Might’ve Missed This Year.

5. How does one woman manage to turn out so many blogs we can’t wait to read?  We don’t know how Gail Perry does it, we are just glad that she does it so well.  Just one of the many great blogs:  2014 New Year’s Resolutions for Board Members.

6. John Haydon shared an incredible wealth of must-read information with us and our followers, for which we are incredibly grateful.  Particularly useful to any nonprofit using social media was 29 Essential Tools for Social Media Marketers.

7. We love getting things for free.  If you do too, you will love Nonprofit Tech For Good’s 111 Low-Cost or Free Online Tools for Nonprofits.

8. Want to do a better job with email in 2014?  Then read Tech Impact’s 5 Ways To Increase Your Nonprofit’s Email Engagement.

9. We are grateful to Armchair Advocates for a year’s worth of great advice including What makes an outstanding nonprofit video campaign?

10. Love Catch a Fire for sharing our mission to engage more people into giving back in a meaningful way.  Service 2.0: The New Giving Will Transform Philanthropy inspired us and confirmed we are on the right track.

11. Interested in nonprofit data and finance?  Check out data on nearly 6000 nonprofits nationwide in Nonprofit Finance Fund’s 2013 State of the Sector Survey Results and learn all the nonprofit finance basics at Nonprofit Finance 101  (Another bonus one, this was actually 2 blogs.)

12. Stanford Social Innovation Review pulled us in, over and over again in 2013, with interesting blogs like Your Next Donor is a Toothbrush on the potential for nonprofits to partner with corporations on cause-marketing.

13. We read every “can’t miss” blog post npENGAGE directs us to and this very helpful roundup of 112 Nonprofit Blog Posts Articles and Stories from 2013 you can’t miss is no exception.  What an incredible resource!

Happy New Year to all those we worked with in 2013 and all those we hope to have a chance to support in 2014.  We hope this blog, and the work we do to build nonprofit boards around the globe every day, will inspire you to make your 2014 New Year’s resolution be to join a nonprofit board…or two!

Cynthia Remec

Executive Director


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