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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
helping individuals and families in need

Now adding to their board


With a budget of over $50M/year (and just 10 minutes from midtown Manhattan), Sunnyside Community Services is the largest nonprofit in Western Queens, enriching the lives of neighborhood residents by providing caring, quality services to meet their social, health, educational, and recreational needs, and thereby strengthen this diverse community.  In their words, serving “children five years old up to seniors over 100.”  SCS’s services touch the lives of over 14,000 people every year, with over 75% of their consumer base coming from immigrant families.

An incredibly well-respected nonprofit, SCS has been the recipient of many honors for best nonprofit practices and are winners of the United Way’s Joseph Weber Award for best-managed social service agency.  Recently they were one of just two nonprofits, throughout the entire City, to be selected by Bank of America for a prestigious and generous financial award.  Robin Hood proactively reached out to SCS to offer them funding, which is an enormous honor as most nonprofits who are fortunate enough to become Robin Hood grantees spend years asking Robin Hood to consider funding them, rather than vice versa.

Board meets 6 nights a year at SCS.  Financial commitment is quite minimal for a board of this stature.  Current board is chaired by a partner at Wilmer, Cutler and includes professionals from Blackrock, Credit Suisse, NYU and Alliance Bernstein, as well as local neighborhood residents, among others.