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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
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helping individuals and families in need

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Global Glimpse

Global Glimpse is the only organization in the country that offers summer experiential education, service, and leadership opportunities abroad to low income students on a large scale.  As importantly, Glimpse is the only program in its space that supplements summer trips with year-long after school workshops covering leadership, globalization, culture, aid and development and service learning.

Global Glimpse partners with public high schools to expand the global perspective of low income youth leaders and prepare them to be successful, responsible global citizens. Glimpse feels that exposure to different countries, cultures, languages, and people is life changing and instills a lifelong commitment to social justice.

Glimpse inspires and motivates students to excel academically and provides them with the critical thinking skills to be successful in their college careers, gain upward mobility in the global economy, and confidently address challenges in their local and global communities. Results are already showing as their alumni start service groups, initiate international projects, and attend renowned universities including Stanford, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, and University of California, Berkeley.

Board meets by conference call quarterly in San Francisco and annually in person in NY.  Financial commitment is medium. Current board is extremely impressive for a relatively young nonprofit (founded in 2007) and is listed on website with full bios. Board members live in San Francisco, New York, Florida and London.  The board is chaired by a former Booz Allen consultant and includes a hedge fund professional, a former Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission at Stanford University, and a Morgan Stanley banker, among others.