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Urban Teaching Corps

Urban Teaching Corps’ mission is to increase the number of excellent teachers working in urban classrooms to close the achievement gap.  They do this via a two year apprenticeship in which their apprentices work in classrooms with mentor teachers and are coached by their teacher coaches regularly.  The mentors, teacher coaches and the entire cohort of apprentices are part of the ongoing support that they provide for their apprentices as they learn the craft of teaching.  They focus on people of color because they believe there is a huge need for more diversity in the education reform movement.

A shortage of talented educators impedes education reform in America. Insufficient numbers of college students enter the teaching profession and even for those who do choose to teach, turnover is extremely high especially in urban schools. To develop great schools, we must address the lack of truly excellent teachers-particularly excellent teachers of color-working in underserved communities.

Urban teacher residencies provide a solution. During residencies, new teachers apprentice in a classroom with an experienced educator. While teaching, they also participate in tailored training programs. The development of teachers should be as thoughtful, methodical and as long a process as residencies and apprenticeships of other professions. Teachers-in-training deserve mentors, support from their schools, and supported opportunities to teach. Their professional development should be rigorous and infused with practice and reflection.

UTC is led by founder Miriam Raccah, an educational entrepreneur working in the New York City education reform arena for more than 12 years.  In 2003, Miriam founded Girls Preparatory Charter School the first all-girls charter school in New York City.  Girls Prep is a highly successful school on the Lower East Side, which was replicated in the South Bronx. In addition to Girls Prep, Miriam founded The Public Prep Network, a CMO that manages the two schools.

Board meets monthly at night in midtown (except July/August).  Financial commitment is medium.  Current board, which is listed on website, includes a mix of financial service professionals and educators, as well as a lawyer and accountant, among others.  This is a very exciting time to join a young nonprofit on an exciting trajectory, with some fantastic leadership.