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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
helping individuals and families in need

Now adding to the board:

Grand Street Settlement 

With a budget of over $13M/year, Grand St. Settlement is a landmark institution renowned throughout New York City for its commitment to identifying and solving community problems. Their current goals are to: expand learning time during the summer and school year; help students and their families move towards economic mobility; promote lifelong health and learning; strengthen the fabric of low-income communities; and develop institutional capacity to sustain the organization.  Since its inception in 1916, GSS has expanded beyond the Lower East Side of Manhattan to reach out to two other neighborhoods – Bushwick and Williamsburg, Brooklyn – to serve thousands more of New York’s most economically disadvantaged residents.

In recent exciting news, Goldman Sachs and several of its business partners picked Grand Street to partner with them on the new Seward Park Mixed-Use Development, which will transform more than six acres of underutilized land on the Lower East Side into vibrant, mixed-use space in one of New York’s most dynamic, diverse and historic neighborhoods.   Grand Street’s Computer Clubhouse, started in 2003, is part of the Intel Computer Clubhouse Network, an international network of clubhouses that is a program of Boston’s Museum of Science, with support from the MIT Media Lab.

GSS provides expanded learning opportunities and enrichment activities year-round for young people in need of academic and developmental support and positive activities. They have an extensive Early Childhood program that serves many non-English speaking parents and their children; the overwhelming majority of participants in the Early Childhood programs  come in search of help with childcare, but parents leave with information and strategies to help them learn English, complete GEDs or enroll in higher education, and become eligible for employment. GSS also provides comprehensive services, including meal, counseling, housing and recreation  to hundreds of older adults.  GSS serves a diverse population that includes people of all ages, races, creeds, genders. Almost 75% of GSS’ customers/participants served are Latino.

GSS is led by formidable Margarita Rosa.  A Harvard attorney by training, she was appointed the Commissioner of the NYS Division of Human Rights in 1990, the first woman, the first Hispanic, and the youngest person to serve in this position.   Rosa has done a tremendous job engaging the board as is demonstrated by the extremely low board turnover numbers.  She is a particularly strong manager who has built a great management team who has been with her forever.  She is joined at the helm by board chair Sylvia Montero, the author ofMake it Your Business: Dare to Climb the Ladder of Leadership, a memoir published in English and Spanish in which she shares her journey from a plantation shack in Puerto Rico to the projects in Manhattan’s Lower East Side to the top Human Resources position at Pfizer.

Board meets 4 nights a year in Manhattan at various locations.  Financial commitment is significant.  Current board is listed on website and includes several attorneys, professionals from Citi, TD, Frank Crystal and Goldman (2), as well as a nurse, an actor and a few entrepreneurs, among others.