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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
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Health Equity Initiative

Health Equity Initiative (HEI) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building community, capacity and communication resources for health equity. HEI works to encourage community action and partnerships in support of health equity while building capacity of other organizations and establishing a research-based roadmap toward progress.  Their unique approach is  multi-pronged and incorporates a “bottoms-up” platform to engage community voices.  Their work is inspired by their focus on the socially-determined factors that affect health and behavior. 

Health disparities (differences in health outcomes and/or diseases or health conditions that are more common or severe among disadvantaged groups) continue to compromise the ability of vulnerable and underserved communities to thrive and to connect with socio-economic opportunities. Health disparities are also associated with a significant economic cost.   Achieving health equity, providing every person with the same opportunity to stay healthy and/or effectively cope with disease,  requires the commitment and involvement of different sectors, as many factors including socio-economic conditions, race, health literacy, access to health services, information, efficient transportation, healthy food, etc. affect health equity.  That’s what HEI is all about.

Board meets every 6-8 weeks, at night, midtown.  Financial commitment is medium.  Current board (which is listed on website, with full bios) is very small and hands on and includes a doctor, an NYU Med School professor, and a lawyer, among others.  This is an exciting time to join a young nonprofit on the move.