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Client Application

We very much look forward to partnering with you on the important work you do.  Our nonprofit clients all contribute in such critical ways.  It is our great honor to be a small part of the way each of you makes the world a better place.  

Before diving in and completing our New Client Application, please email us at so we can confirm that we will be able to support the work you are doing.  We will then quickly be in touch to discuss your needs so we can get started sharing the stories of your good work with our candidates.

Once we have confirmed we will be in a position to support your good work, we will ask you to fill out this application and return it to OR fill out the below Application for Board Recruiting Assistance.  

*Please note that the below online form cannot be saved mid session. You may want to prepare your answers in a separate document and paste your responses into the form when you’ve completed the questionnaire.


Organization Information

Address of Organization

Contact Information

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Organization Details

Does your organization enjoy 501c3 status?

Board Information

Please break the expected "give" and "get" into two separate pieces. Include ALL commitment expected including benefit ticket purchases, gifts from others, etc.

Although many organizations ask board members to make a "personally significant contribution," in lieu of specifying a particular number, we find our candidates are not willing to consider a board where their commitment is not clearly stated upfront. If this is the case, may we suggest you phrase as "we ask board members to make a personally significant contribution; a total contribution of X dollars annually would certainly suffice, given that X represents the average of what our 'for profit' board members generated last year." Total contribution would mean the total amount the candidate both personally "gave" plus "got" from others.

PLEASE NOTE: BoardAssist expects this number to stay fixed during the course of our work with you. If this number increases while we are working with you, we expect to be notified immediately that the financial expectation has been altered. Our working with you is contingent on your good faith commitment that if we identify a candidate who can meet this financial commitment, you will not reject their candidacy solely because you have increased your expected financial commitment.

Board Member Information

Please provide the total amount EACH of your board members generated last year. Include for EACH board member the total of what they personally gave plus what they "got" from others, and show as separate figures.

Ex: Board Member 1, gave $5000, sold 5 benefit tickets for $2500 total, got their employer to donate $2500. Total: $10,000

It may be helpful to divide your board members into "for profit" and nonprofit professionals. As the candidates we send you are likely to be "for profit" professionals, it is appropriate to argue that our candidate should be generating what others in their position generate, and not have their giving compared to what the board, as a whole, generates.

Please also provide job title, employer, and a brief job description. Ex: Joe Smith, JP Morgan, lawyer, Managing Director

Board Member 6 Name

Would you consider board candidates with less than 10 years' work experience if they were exceptional?

Board Engagement

As you know, BoardAssist's mission is to find engaged board members for the nonprofit community. Our candidates tend to quickly assume leadership positions and truly become a source of valuable intellectual capital. And though they are generous financially as well, they fit best on boards where their primary donation is their brainpower and not just their financial capital. (In fact, if the primary role you see for your board members is around capital raising, the fit with our candidates is probably not a good one. They want to do a lot more than that.)

Please provide three examples of projects board members have been involved with in the last two years that did not involve capital raising.


As a nonprofit ourselves, with limited resources, BoardAssist is not in a position to "vet" the candidates we send to our clients. We will certainly screen all candidates, to the best of our ability, to ensure they meet the criteria you have set forth on this Application (and will share resumes provided by the candidates to the extent we have them), but ultimately each of our nonprofit clients needs to make their own determination as to the appropriateness of any individual candidate. By moving forward with us, you acknowledge you will not rely on any statements BoardAssist makes regarding any particular candidate when extending a board offer but will rely exclusively on your own internal "vetting" process.
Provision of Information(Required)
Please note: in order for BoardAssist to keep our fees relatively low, we are required to show our funders (who subsidize these fees) how our board members performed and how satisfied clients, like you, have been with BoardAssist. One of several items we track is how our board candidates performed financially vs. the commitment they made. Therefore, we will be asking you to share the details of what our candidate both gave and "got" when we check in. By working with us, you agree to provide this information on an annual basis, within thirty days of our request, so long as that candidate remains on your board.
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