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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
helping individuals and families in need

BoardAssist quoted in Software Advice article on Why People Join a Nonprofit Board

From the article….

Cynthia Remec is executive director of BoardAssist, a nonprofit that matches potential board members with other nonprofit organizations, and then tracks the success of every match made.

“People [considering joining a board] are willing to be generous with their time and money and want to be involved; that’s why you’re seeing expected involvement as the bigger factor to consider,” she explains. “The problem [with unsuccessful matches] is unclear communication about personal giving and fundraising expectations.”

To gain a more accurate understanding of the level of involvement a seat on the board entails, Remec advises asking questions such as, “What have other board members done on your board?” and, “Can you give me three examples of things the board has accomplished in the past year in addition to raising money?”

Remec also advices discussing two specific numbers: “the give” and “the get.” The give is how much you’re expected to donate personally to the organization each year, while the get is the total amount of donations you’re expected to generate through fundraising efforts. To this end, she recommends asking the board how much, on average, board members usually generate. (BoardAssist has an informative brochure that covers this in greater detail.)


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