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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
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Infographic: Understanding Mobile Donors

Do you know your donors? No, I mean do you REALLY know your donors? If you don’t, it’s time to start paying closer attention! Knowing who’s giving to your nonprofit provides you with the information you need to not only increase donations, but help your nonprofit inch closer to completing its mission. Many nonprofits are predicting double digit increases in mobile giving in 2016.  As usual, for all things tech, we turned to our friends in Philly at Tech Impact for this week’s guest post.  Thanks Tech Impact for keeping us in the know!

Check out this infographic from Tech Impact to get a better understanding of mobile donors in two minutes or less!



This post originally appeared on the Tech Impact blog.  Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world. At Tech Impact, they believe technology can do amazing things. That is why they have partnered with hundreds of nonprofits organizations around the world since 2003: to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission.