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Creating Karma in Business: How Using Your Purpose to Serve Others via Joining a Board Will Grow Your Business

At this point you’ve heard the numbers enough from us. Nearly 2 million nonprofit board seats open up in this country every year. We need to see more people serving on boards! This week’s guest post explores how joining that perfect board ultimately helps you as much as the nonprofit you choose to serve. Once convinced it’s time to join a board, let us help you find your perfect one.  Thanks Cynthia Spitalny for this great guest post.  


Creating Karma in Business: How Using Your Purpose to Serve Others via Joining a Board Will Grow Your Business


Karma in business? I know. The title of this may sound counter-intuitive to what you may think or even have experienced in your life. Giving your time and energy towards some other project ultimately means you may not have as much time for your own projects. But that’s the idea of karma – when you serve others and do it from a place of pure intention, without expectations, those good deeds will come back to serve you and your own projects in the long run.


From my own experiences, I can say that I know karma to have worked wonders for me, and especially in business. When I have spent energy helping and servicing my friends and colleagues who asked me to help them negotiate a job offer, create a more powerful presence and resume, help them network to track down an opportunity, or just navigate a tricky political situation, I have found that I seem to usually have a plethora of jobs, contacts, and opportunities surrounding me at any given time.


The same goes for when you join a board and use your energy towards supporting the mission of a non-profit, small business, or company. Give the best of yourself via serving on a board. Use your expertise for good and deliver value in meaningful ways. Help others who can value tremendously from your experiences and knowledge. Meet new people and expand your universe. And then ultimately, that karma comes back and blossoms in your world in ways that are big and small.


Here are some of the most powerful ways to harness business karma that I have seen at play, from those who have served on a board:


  1. Hone in on your expertise that is core to what has driven your own successes.

    Maybe you are an expert in building a business and enrolling people in your vision. Or maybe you are a superb marketer who is a great social connector since you have delivered rocking campaigns online, in podcasts, paid search, social media, and via affiliates. No matter what skills you have, as long as you can identify those gifts that helped supercharge your own success, you will be able to deliver value when you serve on a Board.


  1. Focus on delivering value.

    You know what’s core to your expertise – great! Now you can focus on how you can deliver value to the organization for which you are a board member. The best way to be able to deliver value, that I have experienced, is to be able to find solutions to problems. Yep, it’s that simple. While not every challenge will be in your wheelhouse to solve, advise where you can and on what you can. Your insights will be more valuable than you realize.


  1. Have patience. Karma, often times, makes you wait.

    I notice that it takes three to four months for my “good deeds” to come back and blossom for me. I also find that if I am more open and present in general, opportunities tend to arise faster. But overall, it may take time. So take a breath and know that your good deeds will ultimately come back to serve you.


Cynthia Spitalny is a passionate change-agent and entrepreneur, dedicated to reaching millions of women to inspire them to know what it feels like to own your value. Her journey began when Cynthia hit-then broke-the proverbial glass ceiling in multiple roles, at various companies, early in her career. This fueled her to take inspired action and work with other women to do the same.  She has since coached women one-on-one but also has worked with corporations to change their HR and benefit policies to be more female-friendly, amenable, and flexible for increased employee engagement. Cynthia can be contacted for coaching, personal or corporate consulting, mentoring, speaking engagements, and more.