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5 Social Media Advancements Every Nonprofit Should Prepare For

Social media can be one of the best friends any nonprofit can have, but only if you stay on top of the latest advancements. For help doing just that, we turned to our friends at Tech Impact in Philadelphia for this great guest blog post.

5 Social Media Advancements Every Nonprofit Should Prepare For5.27_image

Social media is a comparatively very young frontier in the nonprofit sector which features surprises around every twist and turn. Because of this, it is important to keep up with the latest trends to make sure your nonprofit does not fall tragically behind.

Every day enormous strides are made in the industry that have the potential to change the way millions of individuals interact online. These sweeping changes are not something you or your nonprofit can afford to miss.

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Here are 5 changes that social media experienced that your nonprofit may have missed according to Resource Media.

  1. Mobile video goes mainstream

    While most of the commotion was being made by the broadly termed “mobile platform,” the real driver of the platform was mobile video. A dynamic mobile video platform is what was missing from the mobile landscape and is potentially what was holding it back. from reaching its current level of importance sooner. Vine’s 6 second video contribution to social media had other platforms nervous until Instagram’s 15 second videos hit the scene.

    The moving picture social media contribution is unequivocally the wave of the future. The sooner your nonprofit has a plan in place to utilize these new tools better.

  2. Instagram rounds out the “Big 3”

    The nonprofit social media platform was pretty much dominated by Facebook and Twitter until Instagram came along. Instagram is quickly catching the two social networking giants and is not expected to stop. The “Big 3” is where your nonprofit’s focus needs to be moving forward.

    Adopting Instagram into the mix is no longer a fun luxury, it’s a necessity.

  3. Twitter pics gets an upgrade

    Perhaps because of the roaring arrival of Instagram to the main scene, Twitter responded with an image upgrade of its own. In October, the social media giant made previews of their “Twitpics” immediately viewable on a user’s feed.

    Posting pics to Twitter was once taboo, however, with the recent upgrade perhaps that convention may be a thing of the past.

  4. Pinterest renaissance

    Pinterest, while it was left out of the “Big 3” earlier, could potentially round out the “Whopping 4.” The social media site best known for its recipes, cat pictures, and fashion advice, Pinterest reported a nearly 44% increase in ecommerce sales in 2013, a category that should raise more than a few eyebrows in the nonprofit sector. If your nonprofit sells anything, anything at all, Pinterest is a must have in your 2014 social media arsenal.

    And just like all social media platforms, it’s free, easy to use and uniquely visually stunning.

  5. Google+ hangouts a viable option

    The often forgotten social media platform, Google+, is the first to offer its users a unique video chat service to help them connect face to face. The service is free, simple to operate, and can turn an otherwise dull and drab conference call or webinar to a wholly interactive and engaging experience for all parties involved. Aside from connecting with users across the globe, you can even use the versatile platform to simply pop in and ask a question to a coworker who’s located in an office across the hall or building, too!


This post originally appeared on the Tech Impact blog.  Tech Impact is a nonprofit whose mission is to empower communities and nonprofits to use technology to better serve our world. At Tech Impact, they believe technology can do amazing things. That is why they have partnered with hundreds of nonprofits organizations around the world since 2003: to help each one realize the potential of technology to achieve their mission.