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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
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BoardAssist announces the winners of two good governance awards

BoardAssist is pleased to announce the winners of two governance awards in honor of two BoardAssist board members who retired in 2017.  Ellen P. Simon and Hugh R. Frater each provided exemplary service for many years to BoardAssist and to the principles of good governance within the New York nonprofit community.  To honor that service, BoardAssist is awarding a gift of $1000 in each of their names.

The Ellen P. Simon Award has been awarded to the Brooklyn Ballet for the exemplary work that BoardAssist placement Diarra Lamar has done with their board.   Dr. Lamar is a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group with degrees from Harvard University, Harvard Business School and Harvard Medical School.

In the Brooklyn Ballet’s words, “Diarra brings passion for our work, great drive, and respect and care for all who work with the Ballet. He led months of planning for our inaugural Brooklyn Nutcracker. He enlisted colleagues from his firm, built an advisory committee, completed ticketing and marketing strategies, led negotiations with Brooklyn Museum (our venue), and supported our artistic director, Lynn Parkerson.  The result was a huge success: a wonderful show that sold every seat and showcased our mission to revitalize ballet. It proved to all – board, staff, professional dancers, our students and their families, and Brooklyn as a whole – that Brooklyn Ballet can bring artistic dreams to life.”

The Hugh R. Frater Award has been given to the New York Writer’s Coalition for the phenomenal work BoardAssist placement Tim Ballenger has done with respect to fiscal practices.  Mr. Ballenger is a graduate of Bowdoin College working as an Investment Consultant with Allianz Global Investors.

The New York Writer’s Coalition raved that Mr. Ballenger “has played an important leadership role in improving our fiscal and fundraising practices.  Among other things, Tim initiated a new procedure for Board Members to fill out an annual form detailing their board giving and soliciting plans for the year. This has been an invaluable help for many reasons. It has allowed us to monitor our cash flow more easily, by better knowing when to expect board donations and how much they will be. Board giving has also increased by more than 60% in the last year, after the implementation of our new board giving form. It has been much easier for the board to be accountable, and everyone is more emotionally invested in increasing our board giving and solicitation.  In addition, Tim has assisted us in developing tools for more accurate budgeting and cash flow projections. When NYWC faced a cash flow crunch this April, Tim was instrumental in helping NYWC reduce our monthly costs and look for new revenue sources. His financial acumen has brought important skills that were long missing and sorely needed by NYWC.”

BoardAssist is honored to support the important work that the Brooklyn Ballet and New York Writer’s Coalition do every day and especially pleased to see the impact Dr. Lamar and Mr. Ballenger have had on these wonderful institutions.