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"Our BoardAssist candidates have been amazing additions to our Board of Directors."

Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
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BoardAssist announces their new citywide Young Professionals Leadership Council

BoardAssist is pleased to announce the formation of their new citywide Young Professionals Leadership Council (YPLC).  Last fall BoardAssist launched a junior board matching program to engage the countless outstanding millennials who approach BoardAssist for board seats every day.  What quickly became clear is that once placed on a young professionals board, these millennial philanthropists wanted to meet with others like themselves to network and share best practices among New York City junior boards. The BoardAssist YPLC is doing just that – providing an exciting new forum for young professionals to share what’s working best on their boards and learn from others.

Founding YPLC members include:

sricattieandrea remecjankowski

Representing BoardAssist will be Sri Bhamidipati who will serve as Chair, Chris Cattie who will serve as Vice-Chair, and Andrea Remec who will serve as Secretary.  Andrew Jankowski will also be representing BoardAssist.


Arjun Sukomaran representing Back on My Feet.


Bobby Ciapciak representing Broader Way.


Ariel Gold representing Bronx Charter School for the Arts.


Amanda ComptonDan Simonetti and Ben Spiegelman representing Futures & Options.


Cathy Chen representing Good Shepherd Services.


Erin Molloy representing Grace Outreach.


Tracy MacKenzie representing The Public Theater.


Killian Marie representing Reach the World.


Ramyata Joshi representing Reading Partners.


Devin Jones and Kyle Van Decker representing Renaissance Youth Center.


Madalyn Miller representing Resilience Advocacy Project.


Bailey Griswold representing Row NY.

The YPLC’s official mission statement:  “BoardAssist’s Young Professional Leadership Council aims to connect, educate, and empower associate board members to amplify the impact they are able to drive across the nonprofit organizations they support. In order to effectively sustain our mission our members collaborate across areas such as nonprofit thought leadership, board service best practices, and associate board recruitment.”

Interested in joining a junior board or BoardAssist’s new YPLC?  Contact BoardAssist at