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Executive Director, Good Shepherd Services.
Credit: Volunteers of America
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Six of our Most Popular Blog Posts of 2016

What were the blog posts that were most popular on the BoardAssist blog in 2016? Thanks to Google Analytics, its easy for us identify which ones resonated most with our followers.  As the best advice we offered in 2016 is certainly just

Three Year-End Annual Fundraising Tips You Haven’t Thought About

It is that time of year when many nonprofit raise the bulk of the money they will need to continue their important work in the next year.  Think you are doing all that you can with your year-end fundraising? Fundraising

Creating Karma in Business: How Using Your Purpose to Serve Others via Joining a Board Will Grow Your Business

At this point you’ve heard the numbers enough from us. Nearly 2 million nonprofit board seats open up in this country every year. We need to see more people serving on boards! This week’s guest post explores how joining that perfect

How Much Money do People Really Give on Nonprofit Boards? Read BoardAssist’s Annual Report on Nonprofit Giving for all the Answers

How much money do people really give on nonprofit boards? We know you want to know! That’s why BoardAssist compiles this data every year from the hundreds of nonprofits we serve and shares it with the nonprofit community.  Nonprofit leaders,

Adding to your Board? Top Ten Questions to Ask when Choosing a Board Recruiting Service

Identifying new trustees for your board of directors is one of the most important functions any nonprofit board performs. And with nearly 2 million board seats opening up in this country every year, board recruiting can be challenging. For that reason,

Planning Your Next Career Move? Don’t Forget to Join a Nonprofit Board

As the Executive Director of BoardAssist, I receive a steady stream of inquiries and referrals from job coaches nearly every day.  Why? Because it’s their job to help you find yours, and nonprofit board service gives you an edge.  What

Your Donor-Centered Appeal Letter Checklist

You’ve taken the first step and realized your appeal letter might need a face lift to make it clear to your donors just how important they are.  But how exactly do you create that perfect donor-centered appeal letter.  Fundraising pro

Infographic: Understanding Mobile Donors

Do you know your donors? No, I mean do you REALLY know your donors? If you don’t, it’s time to start paying closer attention! Knowing who’s giving to your nonprofit provides you with the information you need to not only increase donations,

Why Joining A Board Is Great For Your Career

We know our blog readers are interested in “being the change” they want to see in the world and giving back, but sometimes its hard to find time to do just that with all the demands from work. Our argument

Not sure why your nonprofit needs a junior board? Here’s some of our top reasons why you absolutely do!

Last fall BoardAssist launched a junior board matching pilot program to find junior boards for all the terrific millennials who approach us for board service. The pilot was an immediate success with loads of amazing young professionals approaching us for

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